Yeovil team photos through the years

Yeovil Town (and Petters United) team photos through the years. Where possible, the players in the photos are named.


Yeovil Reserves 1896

The only one identified is John William Strode-Batten, in the middle of the middle row with white shirt. 


This photo of Yeovil Casuals maybe of Yeovil Casuals 'A' team. The trophy on display is the Yeovil District League championship trophy. Which was won by the 'A' team in that year.


Petters United 1905


Petters United with the Yeovil and District championship trophy


Yeovil Casuals reserves 


Yeovil Casuals 1908-09

Yeovil Casuals 'A' team (reserves) 

Yeovil Casuals (Reserves) 

Harry Spiller back row third from left 
Ernest Davis (Secretary) middle row sitting on far left. Ernest Sercombe sitting far right. Stanley Bowerman sitting on the left 


Petters United with the Yeovil and District League championship. The photo seems to be outside the Pen Mill Hotel. 

Yeovil Casuals 1910


Petters United in 1912, by now were playing at Brickyard Lane. William Webb is in the centre on the right. 


Back Row  - William Glanville, William Sweet, (Inset unknown) Andrew Johnson, 

Middle Row - William Taverner,(Committee), (Unknown), Jack Taylor, William Seymour, Bert Maughan, unknown, Ernest Sercombe (Secretary) 

Front Row - Ernest Davis (commitee), Reg Larcombe, Charlie Larcombe, Fred 'Johnny' Hayward, Harry Bowen, Harry Harbour 


Back Row - George Lewis (Trainer), Jack Taylor, William Seymour, William Sweet, Andrew Johnson, Bert Maughan, A. Gould (Trainer) 

Front Row - William Culliford (Treasurer), William Glanville, Harry Bowen, Fred Hayward, Ernest Farr (President), Ernest Sercombe (Secretary) Herb Seymour (Captain), Charles Larcombe, Harry Harbour, William Taverner (Committee) 


Back Row - George Lewis (Trainer) unknown, unknown, E. Gregory (Goalkeeper), Wreford May, Percy May, unknown 

Front Row - P. Webb, L. Pilkington, Fred 'Johnny' Hayward, Percy Nutland, Reg Nutland


Back Row - George Lewis (Trainer), unknown, unknown, Stan Abbott, Fred Day, E. Gregory, Percy May, Ted England, Ben Potter, Ernest Sercombe (Secretary) 

Front Row - Ernest Davis (Treasurer), Unknown, A. Rice, Percy Nutland, Fred 'Johnny' Hayward (Captain), Reg Nutland, Fred Evans, unknown, unknown, unknown



Back - W. Culliford, D. Gould (Trainer), Fred Day, Percy May, E. Gregory, Ted England, G. Lewis, F. Holland

Centre Row - W. Taverner, Ted Wrench, K. Ley, Reg Nutland, Johnny Hayward, L. Pilkington, W. Creese, Ernest Sercombe (Secretary), W. Hitchcock

Sitting - Stan Abbott, Ben Potter





Back Row - J. Hellier (Director), W. Studley (Director), W. Culliford (Director) W. Andrews (Director), A. Lemon (Director) 

Middle Row - A. Arnold (Director), F. Holland (Director), W. Taverner (Director), Bill Day, M. Davin, Richard 'Dick' Pym, Willy Molloy, George McAndrew, H. Devota (Secretary), W. H. Farthing (Director), George Lewis (Trainer) 

Front Row - G. Fox (Vice-chairman), Cecil Pemberton, Patrick McDade, Tom Millington, David Pratt (Player-Manager) Tom Parkin, Tommy McNeil, Arthur Rankin, S. Vincent (Chairman) 


Back Row - H. Wood, unknown, unknown, Tom Lynch, Len Birks, unknown, H. Gay, J. Taylor, T. Savage 

Front Row - George Fox (Chairman), Fred Holbeach, J. Parle, Hayden Price, Louis Page (Player-Manager), William Crewe, Tom Parkin, W. Farthing (Vice-chairman) 



Back Row - Stan Abbott (Trainer), W. Wyatt, K. Kingham, Joe Longford, A. Todd, J. Heward, Billy Kingdom (Player-Manager)

Front Row - L. Wilkins, J. Carter, J. Graham, G. Green, D. Laing


Back Row - Arthur Hickman,unknown, Nick Collins, J. Ridout, Dave Affleck,unknown, unknown 

Front Row - unknown, unknown, Don Woan, Alec Stock (Player-Manager), Johnny Hartburn 


Back - Alec Stock (Player Manager) Ralph Davis, Bob Keston, Arthur Hickman, Stan Hall, Leş Blizzard, Nick Collins, Stan Abbott (Trainer) 

Front - Bob Hamilton ,Merriet, Eric Bryant, Ray Wright, Jack Hargreaves 


Back Row - Foulds, Mansley, Keeton, Blizzard, Dyke, Stan Abbott (Trainer),Turner, Affleck, Wright, Hickman, Bryant, Hargreaves, 

Middle Row - Davis, Rogers, Hardy, H. Smith (Chairman), Alec Stock (Player-Manager), Collins, M.Haines 

Front Row - Accreman, Whitlock, Hayward, C. Haines, Coffey, Hamilton

Back - Stan Abbott (Trainer), Alec Stock (Player-Manager), Bob Keeton, Arthur Hickman, Ray Wright, Stan Hall, Les Blizzard, Eric Bryant 

Front - Bob Hamilton, Ralph Davis, Mr H. Smith (Chairman) Mr Fox ( Vice-President) Mr. S. Johnson (President), Nick Collins, Jack Hargreaves 

(photo before the 3rd Round of the FA Cup against Bury) 

Back Row - Ralph Davis, Bob Keeton, Arthur Hickman, Stan Hall, Les Blizzard, Stan Abbott (Trainer) Ray Wright 

Front Row - Bob Hamilton, Alec Stock, Ray Bryant, Nick Collins, Jack Hargreaves 


Back Row - Stan Abbott, Jerry Gardenar, Joe Langford, Bert Gosney, Dick White, Arthur Lamb 

Second Row - unknown, Jack Ray, Graham Wensley, Hedley Cook, Dennis Harrison, Eric Bryant, Stan Hall, Dicky Dyke, Les Blizzard, unknown, unknown, unknown, Reg Rogers, Stan Swinfen 

Seated - Henry Merriott, Ralph Davis, Dave Afflick, Arthur Hickman, Bill Farthing, (President) H. A. Smith (Chairman), Alec Stock (Player-Manager), Nick Collins, Ray Wright, Jack  Hargreaves. 

Front Row - unknown, Black, Ken Whitlock, Ken Hayward, Bobby Hamilton, unknown 


Back Row - Case, Bird, Lindsay, Clegg, McQuin, Wright, Alfred, Stan Abbott (Trainer) 

Front Row - Bobby Hamilton, Calvin, George Paterson (Manager) , Mansley, Davis

Mascot- John Purnell 



Back Row - Billy Lunn, Mick Nagy, Lewis, Ike Clark (inset), Leather, Brian Edwards, Warren 

Front Row - Dave Topping, Mickey Reid, Cliff Marsh, Nicky Reid, John Mckay 


Back - Brian Edwards, Cliff Marsh, M. Leather, Mick Nagy, D. Warren 

Front - Dave Topping, Mick Ryan, Billy Lunn, Ike Clark (Manager) B.Brown, Micky Reid, Johnny McKay

(photo taken before Ike Clark's first match as manager) 

Back - Stewart, Compton, Marsh, Bert Grist (Groundsman), Lynn, Brown, Pantling

Third Row - P. Hardy (Director) Muir, E. Blake (Director), Rogers, Langford (Trainer), Singleton, Abbott (Trainer), Lewis, S. Pinder (Director) Warren, L. Pearce (Director) 

Second Row - Edwards, E. Barber (Director), Ryan, I. Rendell (Secretary) Mckay, E. Loney(Director) Fraser, A. Goswell (Director) Reid, G. Templeman (Director), Dominey

Front Row - R. Vincent (Director) Topping, W. H. Farthing (Chairman) E. C. Wheeldon (President) Clark (Manager) S. Johnson (Past president) R. White (Vice-Chairman), Nagy, A. Lamb (Director) 

Back - Billy Lunn, Dave Topping, Gordon Dominey, Mick Nagy, Barney Singleton, Brian Edwards,Cliff Marsh, Joe Langford (Trainer) 

Front - Mick Ryan, Ike Clarke, Jim Fraser, Mick Reid, Johnny McKay

(Photo taken before Southern League Cup final 5th May 1955)


George Dominey, Jim Elder, Joe Langford (Trainer) Barney Singleton, Dave Topping, Nick Nagy, Frank Fidler, 

Jim Fraser, Andy Easton, Brian Edwards (Capt) Mick Reid, Johnny McKay


Back Row - Stan Earl, Len Harris, Dave Jones, Billy Elliott, Harry Robshaw, Terry  McConnon, 

Front Row - Johhny Dennis, Don Travis, Doug Hunt, (Trainer) Jimmy Baldwin (Player-Manager), Ernie Emmonds, Johnny McKay


Back - Bill Albury, Mick Lyons, Dave Jones, Derek Blackburn, Jim Kelly, Tony Pounder 

Front - Dave Taylor, Danny Paton, Basil Hayward (Player-Manager) Ernie Ashe, Bobby McClaughlin 


Back Row - Len Harris, Mick Lyons, Derek Blackburn, Ken Jones, Terry Foley, Tony Pounder 

Front Row - Ernie Ashe, Bill Albury, Bobby McClaughlin, Dave Taylor, Dennis Coughlin


Back Row - Alan Herrity, Len Harris, Dave Jones, Roy Lambden, Peter Hall, Ernie Ashe, Ken Pound (inset) 

Front Row - Tony Pounder, George Muir, Bill Albury, Adam Moffat, Terry Foley, Dave Taylor

Back Row - Alan Herrity, Len Harris, Dave Jones, Roy Lambden, Peter Hall, Ernie Ashe, 

Front Row - Tony Pounder, George Muir, Bill Albury, Adam Moffat, Terry Foley, Dave Taylor


Back Row - Peter Withey, George Muir, Bill Albury, G. Davies, Ernie Ashe, C. Webber 

Middle Row - Doug Hunt (Trainer), Tony Pounder, B,Hall, Terry Foley, Dave Jones, Gordon Chilvers, Len Harris, Roy Lambden, Alan Herrity, Stan Abbott (Trainer) 

Front Row - D. Harrison, L. Pearce, R. White, S.Vincent, (Directors), E. R. Wheeldow (President) S. Pinder (Chairman) I. Rendall, P. Hardy, G. Templeman, E. Barber, (Directors) 

Seated - Malcolm Hirst, Dave Taylor, Pete Watts, Dave Topping 


Joe MC Donald (Manager), Theo Foley, Alan Herrity, Dave Jones, Roy Lambden, George Muir, Len Harris, Doug Hunt (Trainer) 

Ernie Ashe, Malcolm Hirst, Bill Albury, Denis Randall,  Chris Harding

Yeovil Reserves 1965-66

Back - Hamilton, James, Miles, Travis, Brain, Worth

Front - Newell, Lewell, Elliott, Lovett, Flanagan 


Back - Trevor Allen, Ted Reid, Ken Jones, Ken Thompson, Clive Burfield, Paul Smith. 

Front - George Muir, Stewart Bramley, Len Harris, Cliff Myers, Mick Vowles


Back - Ron Saunders (Manager), Paul Smith, Roger Slee, Ken Jones, Dick Plumb, Alan Herrity, Ken Thompson 

Front - Cliff Myers, (Unknown), Len Harris, (unknown) (Dave Taylor 



Back - Maurice O'Donnell (Trainer) Bev Dixon, Ken Thompson, Tony Clark, Cliff Myers, Doug Hunt (Physio) 

Middle  Brian Grey, Terry Cotton, McCluskey, Chris Weller, Len Harris 

Front - Stuart Housley, Mike Hughes (Player Manager) Paul Smith, John Clancy 

McClusky, Hughes, Clark, Harris, Smith, Thompson

Housley, Grey, Myers, Herrity, Clancy

Back - Len Harris, Bev Dixon, Tony Clark, Alastair Mcdonald, Ken Thompson, Alan Herrity, Ron Bayliss, Paul Smith, Maurice O'Donnell (Trainer) 

Front - Cliff Myers, Stuart Housley, Brian Grey, Mike Hughes, John Clancy, Chris Weller, Andy McCluskey

Back Row - Alastair Mcdonald, Andy McCluskey, Bob Moffat, Cliff Myers, Paul Smith, Tony Clark, Len Harris, Maurice O'Donnell (Trainer), Alan Herrity 

Front Row - Ron Bayliss, John Clancy, Brian Grey, Mike Hughes (Player-Manager) Stuart Housley, Chris Weller

Back Row - Paul Smith, Ron Bayliss, Rich Reynolds, Alan Herrity, Bev Dixon, Ken Thompson, Chris Welker, Len Harris, Tony Clark

Second Row - Maurice O'Donnell (Trainer) A. Lukins, J. Baulch (Directors) Cliff Myers, Mike Hughes, G. Banbury, A. Coles (Directors). R. Donovan (Secretary) Doug Hunt (Physio) 

Third Row - O. James, D. Barnett, B. Moore, R. White (Directors), N. Burfield (Chairman), İ. Rendall, C. Farthing, E. Templeman, T. Mear, G. Cobb (Directors) 

Front Row - Andy McCluskey, Stuart Housley, Brian Grey, John Clancy


Back Row - Cecil Irwin (Player-Manager), John Piekalneitas, Cliff Myers, Terry Cotton, Paul Smith, Tony Clark, Ken Thompson, Terry Betram , Maurice O'Donnell (Trainer) 

Front Row - Stuart Housley, John Clancy, Dave Spencer , John Brown, Chris Weller

Back Row - Maurice O'Donnell (Trainer), Terry Cotton, Bev Dixon, Tony Clark, Alan Herrity, Cliff Myers, John Piekalnietis, 

Front Row - John Clancy, Terry Bertram, Cecil Irwin (Player-Manager) Stuart Housley, Chris Weller


Back - Mick Harrison, Ken Thompson, Tony Clarke, Mike Franklin, Dick Plumb,, Tony Cottle, Ken Brown

Middle - Brian Thompson, Terry Cotton, Stan Harland (Player Manager), Bryn Jones, Rod Adams

Front - Steve Flay, Stuart Housley, John Clancy, Frank McMahon

Back - Maurice O'Donnell(Trainer), Mike Harrison, Ken Thompson, Tony Clark, Mike Franklin, Dick Plumb, Tony Cottle, Ken Brown, Doug Hunt (Physio) 

Middle - Brian Thompson, Terry Cotton, Stan Harland (Player-Manager) Bryn Jones, Rod Adams 

Front - Steve Flay, Stuart Housley, John Clancy, Frank McMahon 


Back - Dick Plumb, Rod Adams, Brian Thompson, Mike Franklin, Mike Harrison, Tony Cottle, Doug Hickton, Maurice O'Donnell 

Front - Bryn Jones, Frank McMahon, Terry Cotton, Stan Harland (Player-Manager) Steve Flay, Kevin Leigh, John Clancy 


Maurice O'Donnell (Trainer),?, Mick Harrison,(Unknown) Brian Parker,(Unknown) , Clive Green, Tony Cottle, Barry Dominey, Stan Harland (Player - Manager)

Bryn Jones, Steve Morrell, Dave Platt, Brian Thompson, Kevin Leigh, Steve Flay, John Clancy, (Unknown)


Back - Glyn Broom, Nigel Ryan, Andy Bell, David Platt, Brian Parker, Clive Green, Steve Ritchie, Maurice O'Donnell (Trainer) 

Front - Malcolm Gold, Gary Borthwick, Tony Cottle, Mark Williams, Steve Morrell


Maurice O'Donnell (Trainer), Tony Cottle, Clive Westlake, Clive Green, Jess Payne, Glyn Jones, Kim Book, Andy Bell, Glyn Broom, Steve Ritchie, Jimmy Giles (Manager) 

Malcolm Gold, Jamie Ward, David Platt, Roy Ireland, Pete Hawkins, Brian Ashton, Jeremy Brown


Back Row - Maurice O'Donnell (Trainer), Paul Charles, Billy Elliott, Andy Bell, Keiron Baker, Simon Culliford, Malcolm Gold, Steve Pitman, Ritchie Horton 

Front Row - Nigel Jarvis, Simon White, Jeremy Brown, Trevor Finnigan (Player-Manager), Gary Borthwick, Tim Benjafield 


Back Row - Jamie Ward, Marc Bartlett, Stuart Gibson, Grant Northover, Phil James, Malcolm Gold, Ritchie Horton

Front Row - Dave Platt, Dave Linney, Mick Doherty, Tony Pounder, Nigel Jarvis, Simon White 

Back Row - Ian Botham, Wayne Hughes, Paul Thorp, Grant Northover, Tom Ritchie, Phil James, Paul Cheesley, Gerry Gow (Player-Manager) 

Front Row - Malcolm Gold, Dave Linney, Jeremy Brown, Jon Economou , Nigel Jarvis, Ritchie Horton


Back Row - Paul Hillard (Asst Manager) David Craig, Wayne Hughes, Forbes Phillipson-Masters, Tim Bintley, Paul Thorp, Tom Ritchie, Phil James, Doug Hunt (Physio) 

Front Row - Chris Lillygreen, Paul Muir, Andy Dymond, Martin Tooze, Gerry Gow (Player-Manager), Malcoln Gold, John McGinlay, Dave Linney, Jon Economou 


Back - Gerry Gow (Player Manager), Phil James, Tony Ricketts, Dave Walter, Alan Pardew, Dave Spencer, Phil Ferns, Gerry Lock (Chairman) 

Front - Neil Coates,Carl Zachau, Gerry Pearson, John McGinley, Richie Chandler, Don Gillies


Back Row - Paul Hillard (Asst Manager), Paul Rodgers (Coach), Bob Iles, Len Bond, Steve Ritchie (Reserve manager), Peter Stanley Physio)

Middle Row - Steve Tapley, Jimmy Quinn, Paul Thorpe, Andy Wallace, Tony Ricketts, Paul Randall, Martyn Grimshaw

Front Row - Mick Doherty, Dave Linney, Gary Donellan, Brian Hall (Manager) Tiv Lowe, Gerry Pearson, Jeff Sherwood


Back Row - Jeff Sherwood, Paul Thorpe, Andy Wallace, Steve Rutter, Bob Iles, Tony Ricketts, Martyn Grimshaw, Paul Randall

Middle Row - Tony Rafferty (Physio) Steve Ritchie (Reserve Manager), Wayne Noble, Phil Ferns, John McGinlay, Dave Linney,Gerry Pearson, Mick Doherty, Paul Rodgers (Coach) Paul Hillard (Asst Manager) 

Front Row - Gordon Prosser (Groundsman) Alan Bergmann, John Fleetwood, Denis Montague, Jeff House (Directors) Gerry Lock (Chairman), Brian Hall (Manager), Mike Spearpoint, Bryan Moore, Allan Houghton (Directors), Roger Brimsford (General Manager) 


Back Row - Richard Thompson, Mark Shail, Peter Copeland, Gary Donellan, Tiv Lowe, Robbie Carroll, Paul Wilson, Barry Blackman, Jeff Sherword, Nicky Dent, Simon Gowans 

Middle Row - Chris Whalley (Reserve team coach) Paul Rodgers (Coach), Derek Dawkins, Peter Conning, Neil Cordice, Len Bond, David Fry, Andy Wallace, Chris Gill, Mickey Spencer, D. Russell (Physio) Paul Hillard (Asst Manager) 

Front Row - Roger Brinsford (General manager), A.Bergman, J. Fleetwood, D. Montague, G. House (Directors), S.N.Burfield (President) Gerry Lock (Chairman) Brian Hall (Manager), M. Spearpoint, A. Houghton (Directors), Alan Skirton (Commercial Manager), G.Prosser (Groundsman) 


Back Row - Steve Rutter, Nicky Dent, Robbie Carroll, Andy Wallace, Paul Wilson, Paul Luck, Mark Shail 

Middle Row - Mickey Spencer, Peter Conning, David Fry, Len Bond, Tiv Lowe, Derek Dawkins 

Front Row - Tony Farmer (Physio), Paul Rodgers (Coach), Gerry Lock (Chairman), Brian Hall (Manager), Paul Hillard (Asst Manager), Chris Whalley (Reserve team manager) 


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