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It's March 2020, and like the rest of the planet my little life took a hit by the coronovirus outbreak, being self employed, meant I was home, with plenty of time to fill. The question was what to do with all this time, I live by the beach in Antalya, Turkey so I could swim everyday, I could set out on that fitness regime I'd been telling my wife I would start. Maybe, get around to finally doing all the odd jobs around my home I'd been promising. So, with all that in mind on the first day, I woke, poured myself a coffee turned on the radio and looked at my bookcase and the bible for all Glovers fans the excellent 'Hendford to Huish Park'  by Kerry Miller was staring at me. I'd read it before when it first came out in 1999. So, it seemed a perfect opportunity to read again. I'd forgotten what a good read it was, matches and players  long forgotten in the clubs rich history. Something stirred me inside, as much as it is an excellent read, I wanted to kn

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